Quinn (quentinwrites) wrote in feminist_uk,

Calling Feminist Mothers

I have been left in charge of a blog I am a contributor to named Mothers For Women's Lib. The point of it is to be a group blog for biological, adoptive, step and foster mothers who are also feminists, but it has ground to a halt after a shaky start a couple of months and now I am looking for new contributors.

So if you are a feminist and you have kids, I’d love to hear from you. You can either become a permanent contributor or an occasional submitter, whichever you would prefer to be.

If you don’t fit the criteria, I’d really appreciate it if you’d spread the word anyway. There is a serious lack of resources for feminist parents outside of LiveJournal and I believe a blog which addresses the unique issues which affect women who are both feminists and parents would be very useful in filling this gap.

Thanks for your time! :D
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Is this just for UK feminist mothers. I have a couple of friends in the US and Canada who would be interested in this having come across a lot of anti-feminist attitudes now they are mothers.
Not at all - it started out being for UK mothers but there are so many issues that affect feminist mums regardless of their nationality that it seemed logical to make it international, as it were. :o)
Good idea-I'm not a mum myself but I've seen bad things in the feminist blogosphere on motherhood. Have you dropped a line to www.thefword.org.uk? I assume they'd be happy to help, since they posted something about feminism and motherhood only last week.