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12/3/06 06:17 pm - quentinwrites - A Request

Please take five minutes to sign a petition to PM Tony Blair, asking him to support victims of rape and sexual violence by ensuring more rapists are convicted.

We request HM government to:

- Provide central government funding for rape crisis centres to support victims.

- Create specially trained CPS and police teams to prosecute sexual offences.

- End unnecessary cross examination of rape victims and allow all juries to hear evidence of previous convictions of defendants and of previous similar allegations against defendants.

10/23/06 04:20 pm - spritely_ariel - Pro-choice week of action

Hello everyone,

In case you weren't aware, Friday will be the 39th anniversary of the Abortion Act.

Abortion Rights UK has some suggestions as to how this anniversary can be marked:


Here is some information about other pro-choice events that are coming up soon:


I'm concerned about the current situation where reproductive rights are concerned in the US, and I worry that what is happening there has led to an increase in anti-choice sentiment over here.

1/18/06 01:07 pm - cookieavalanche - poetry site

Hi all,

I've recently got my website going. It's called Life Roar.

It's a poetry collection written by myself. The reason I'm posting it in feminist communities is because I consider myself a feminist writer (particularly anarchafeminist/ecofeminist)and I strive to write for social change as much as I can. Sometimes it's very direct in my writing, sometimes it's more subtly reflected in my personal experiences w. oppression. I think the arts are an extremely important part of social change and I really encourage everyone to engage in social change art! So, please visit it if you get a chance, and if you like it, link it wherever you and spread the word about it. Help make a radical writer famous!

Again, it's Life Roar, or if you want the regular address it's http://www.geocities.com/liferoar

Love and revolution,
carolyn z

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8/16/05 11:21 am - briarwood - Human Embryology and Fertility Act

The UK Government's consultation document on changes to the Human Embryology Act is published today.

This is a public consultation and the act covers many issues that are of concern to feminists, not least abortion time limits and access to IVF for unmarried women (including non-hetero women).

I've got no comment on the document right now as it's only just been published and I haven't had time to read it. But if you have any interest in repro-rights in the UK you should take time to read and respond to this. The document is a PDF file at the above link.

Anyone want to discuss it here?

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8/15/05 03:39 pm - kangeiko - IVF Treatment

I have a rant about the recent changes in the law here. Thoughts and comments welcome.

6/24/05 01:12 pm - briarwood - Co-op bank and ethical business practice


This is more about gay rights than women's rights but this story made my day.

Extract from article under the cutCollapse )

I am giving serious thought to moving my banking custom to the Co-op.

I have already mailed them to express my support for their decision. If you'd like to do the same (I'm not urging anyone, but if you feel as strongly as I do...) you can do so here


6/14/05 01:07 pm - shreena

Below is a link to a rant about the debate on Ruth Kelly's plans for extended childcare that I thought was probably relevant to this community.


5/20/05 09:18 pm - babybloodheart

Can someone please tell me, do we have good feminist magazines here in the UK?

4/25/05 03:54 pm - thetruthfairy - Manchester Radical Bookfair - THIS SATURDAY!

Truth Fairy distro will be attending, as well as many other booksellers/organisations!


The Seventh Manchester Radical Bookfair
Saturday 30th April 12.00noon-5.00pm
The Basement, 24 Lever Street (off Piccadilly Gardens) Manchester

What is it:
Manchester has a strong tradition of radical protest and the bookfair is an opportunity to find out what is going on in Manchester now. The bookfair focusses on grassroots/DIY/ non hierarchical groups and not party politics.


The venue:
The Basement is located down a flight of approximately ten stairs at 24
Lever Street in central Manchester.

The venue is a short two minute walk from Piccadilly Gardens.
Nearest bus: Piccadilly Gardens
Nearest Metrolink: Piccadilly Gardens
Nearest Train Station: Manchester Piccadilly

Vegan Cafe:
Hot and cold food and drink will be available all day from the Basement cafe.All food and drink is vegan and teas/ coffees fairly traded.There is space to chill out and chat.

Internet Access:
There will be free internet access via the Basement's computers.


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4/22/05 04:13 pm - marnameow - Blog goodness

http://www.thefword.org.uk now has a blog! I made an lj feed, and it's called fword_org_uk, and I thought you peoples might be interested.

Also, it's a Friday afternoon. I'm Bored At Work (and also over-giddy). So a question; what three minor and achievable changes would you choose to make, if you had a limited magic wand, to help equality happen.
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