dippy_hippie (dippy_hippie) wrote in feminist_uk,

Porn Googlebomb - possible trigger

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So the idea is to get people to find anti-porn sites when they Google for porn, by pushing the linked sites with 'porn' keywords up the rankings?

I find that rather disingenuous and won't be joining in, mainly because I detest censorship more than I dislike mainstream pornography (and am in favour of some pornography).

The Feminists Against Censorship website can be found at: http://www.fiawol.demon.co.uk/FAC/
Yes that's how it works.
It's obviously everybody's choice whether to join in - I was posting as much as information as anything else. If you are pro- some porn it's understandable you wouldn't want to do this.
I have great difficulty with the FAC ideas, just as I guess you have great difficulty with anti-porn ones. I believe firmly that porn censors women much more than no porn censors men.
That's an anti-porn argument I'm not familiar with - how does porn censor women?

I also think this is far too underhanded as a form of campaigning.
Andrea Dworkin's dead? How did I miss that one?