Quinn (quentinwrites) wrote in feminist_uk,

Calling Feminist Mothers

I have been left in charge of a blog I am a contributor to named Mothers For Women's Lib. The point of it is to be a group blog for biological, adoptive, step and foster mothers who are also feminists, but it has ground to a halt after a shaky start a couple of months and now I am looking for new contributors.

So if you are a feminist and you have kids, I’d love to hear from you. You can either become a permanent contributor or an occasional submitter, whichever you would prefer to be.

If you don’t fit the criteria, I’d really appreciate it if you’d spread the word anyway. There is a serious lack of resources for feminist parents outside of LiveJournal and I believe a blog which addresses the unique issues which affect women who are both feminists and parents would be very useful in filling this gap.

Thanks for your time! :D
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