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Feminist Book Recommendations.

After regularly reading requests for feminist book recommendations I've decided to create a community for that very purpose.


The Feminist Library is a community in which members can recommend books to others. With the use of the tags and memory feature it is hoped that it will eventually provide a resource to the countless requests for book recommendations on feminist sites.

Books do not have to be explicitly feminist, just be of interest to some one with 'feminist ethics.' By this we mean it may have a strong female role model, show gay families in a positive light, include strong characters of colour (not just token references) or positively present children doing things that are gender non conformist. This community was mainly set up for people looking for books for their children and teenagers who were disappointed with many of the themes and messages in the books aimed at those age groups. However it is open to books aimed at any age group.

Both Fiction and Non-Fiction can be posted as long as they have a feminist message and are tagged correctly.
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